Middletown United Methodist Church

11902 Old Shelbyville Road

Louisville, KY 40243   (Directions)

(502) 245-8839



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Our Vision
Middletown UMC urges each of our members to participate in a small group and to be active in an area of service.  In this way, each of us can grow in God’s grace & experience what Christ intended for his church: that it be filled with faithful disciples.

Our Mission
Effectively teach God’s Word.
Connect people through loving relationships.
Develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ.
Equip believers for ministry.
What is Spiritual Formation?
We believe formation ministry involves being in the Word (study, prayer, mediation), celebrating the Word (worship), and living the Word (missions and faith sharing).  Middletown UMC has made a commitment to providing spiritual formation opportunities for our members & guests.  Formation is important for people of all ages & can be explored through a wide variety of experiences.  We seek to make these experiences available to children, youth, and adults of all ages.

Home Fellowship Groups
Home Fellowship Groups are clusters of people who meet during the week for Bible study, prayer, & mutual support.  Currently, there are seven HFGs, but we are always eager to start new groups.  (Note: The host is not always the teaching leader.)  If you would like to participate in or help to start a new group, please contact Rev. Nancy Tinnell at 245-8839.

CARE Groups
Many of our members participate in prayer/accountability groups.  These are smaller in number, usually involving two to five people, who meet on a regular basis for prayer, support and mutual accountability.  Their goal is to encourage one another in faithful Christian living.  Accountability groups may sometimes include a Bible study component.  We call our groups CARE groups, which describes the group’s relationship pattern of Covenant, Accountability, Restoration, & Encouragement.  Call Nancy Tinnell (245-8839) if you are interested in a CARE group.mailto:ntinnell@middletownumc.org?subject=Home%20Fellowship%20Groupmailto:ntinnell@middletownumc.org?subject=CARE%20Groupshapeimage_27_link_0shapeimage_27_link_1